It’s His to Lose

April 5, 2011

There has been much talk about the changed political landscape in this country as a result of the ” shellacking” the Democrats took in the 2010 mid-term election. The changed landscape means to many Republicans that President Obama is vulnerable in 2012 and the GOP has a great shot at taking back the White House.

All of the above is true, except that the Republicans, no matter how hard they try, do not have a credible candidate to challenge Obama. Sure they have candidates, near-candidates,quasi-candidates and psuedo- candidates, but no real candidates with the kind of gravitas to unseat an incumbent with a huge campaign warchest, the advantages of the White House and what appears to be an economy on the mend.

It has been said more than once by pundits and professors that the Republicans do not have a serious candidate for the presidency or a serious mindset to run the United States of America. Yes, they have policy positions, yes, they have grassroots support, and yes, they have an incumbent who is not exactly lighting up the public opinion polls.

What they don’t have is a group of presidential hopefuls who make voters ask themselves,” why change from Obama to this guy/gal?” For all his miscues and misjudgments President Obama is best on the campaign trail and in making his case to the American people. He will rely on his campaigning skills to once again make the American voter question the need to change horses in mid stream.

What makes Obama’s chances even better is that the Republicans seem bound and determined to cut at the heart of the entitlement programs and safety nets, while doing little at all to corporate welfare, banking favoritism, and billionaire tax breaks. The American people are starting to catch on that the real problem out there is not big spending liberals, but crony capitalism, where wealth is redistributed upwards to the rich and corporations are permitted to send profits offshore and avoid paying taxes.

What this slow but steady shift in thinking about who is the enemy of the middle class means is that Obama the campaigner can overcome the impact of the right-ward shift from the 2010 election and convince voters to keep him in office. Because the Republicans only speak the language of no and have little to say about how to make American great again ( other than to cut corporate taxes ), the 2012 presidential election is Obama’s to lose.