Tea Party 1-Liberals Minus 0

August 2, 2011

If you are of the liberal persuasion, which appears to be a slowly dying breed, then politics in Washington and the policy positions of the # 1 liberal, Barack Obama, are certain to make you a little queasy, if not violently ill.

There is no sugar-coating the fact that in the debt-ceiling battle, the Republicans won, the conservatives won, the Tea Party won and the liberals got hammered.

Sure Social Security and Medicare were protected, but the cuts that will go into effect in the next ten years will hurt the middle class and the poor, while the wealthy and the corporations go scot free.

The President got the debt ceiling issue put off until after the 2012 election but that’s about all he got in terms of achieving one of his key goals. Tax revenue, closing corporate loopholes and the Grand Bargain all got dumped in the circular file.

Liberals are furious with the Presidnet and his team for not standing tall for what Democrats are supposed to stand for -using government to help those in need and to invest in the future. There’s a lot of talk in liberal circles that the President just doesn’t know how to frame an argument to counter act the right or how to use his office to slam the right with liberal and progressive positions.

The President just seems intimidated by the right and willing to go along with the flow rather than meeting conservative positions with liberal ones.  The President and most liberals, except the hated Nancy Pelosi, seem afraid to attack the right, to use outrageous comments to counter act outrageous comments and to use the Internet to show how off the wall the Tea Party positions really are.

Liberals just seem to be willing to be beaten up politically and then complain about being beaten up. So another victory for the right with the left being taken to the cleaners. When will the word ” fight ” enter the liberal vocabularly?

How About Some Straight Talk For A Change

September 28, 2009

There is nothing more disappointing about liberals than their historic unwillingness to fight back when the right wing uses every trick in the book to gain political advantage and despoil legitimate policy reforms. President Obama pledged to “call out ” those Republicans who indeed did lie, but so far neither he nor his surrogates have had the desire to fight back- not with partisan invective but just the facts.

So here is my modest attempt to help the much too kind liberals, “call out” the far right and set the record straight on an ever growing list of misstatements, commonly called lies.

Death panels are a fiction of the Republican naysayers who claim that the government is intent on speeding the demise of grandma and grandpa; in reality death panels are groups of insurance company executives sitting around a table in corporate headquarters going over the claims of a patient who is in serious trouble or may in the future be in serious trouble, and then denying them coverage. That is a death panel.

Socialism is an economic system in which the government takes over most, if not all, of the major economic assets of the country, provides cradle to grave personal security programs and supports high taxes in order to pay for these generous benefits. Temporarily helping banks and car companies get out of hock with government intervention, providing a public OPTION in health care to those without health care and providing modest tax CUTS to the middle class is not socialism, it is just plain and simple crisis management to help a country avoid another Great Depression.

Deficit Spending and National Debt have become the rallying cries of the right. But you’ll never guess who created mountains and mountains of deficits and debts over the last 30 years; it was the Republicans from Reagan to Bush to Bush. Just in case memories are short, the only surplus to occur in the national budget was in the final years of the Clinton administration. Everyone of these fiscal conservative presidents jacked up the deficits and took this country further and further into national debt. Now all of a sudden when it suits their fancy, the right is concerned about deficits and debts. Just remember, they are the experts on how to get this country into a financial sinkhole.

Tax increase fear mongering has always been the ace in the hole for the right. Give them credit, the Republicans have been masters at scaring the beejesus out of Americans on taxes. Of course, the Republicans conveniently fail to mention that cutting taxes is really about helping the rich and that during their time in power wages and personal wealth for the middle class flatlined. When the right is faced with taxes on the rich, they shout out “class warfare,” but when they stick it to the middle class, it’s all about helping the economy grow at some distant and unnamed future date.

When Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina yelled out ” You lie ” at the President, he was rightly admonished by the House of Reprentatives and even some embarrassed members of his own party. But Wilson’s outburst was just one sad episode of bad manners, while everyday the right bends the truth or simply lies to get back into the game. It’s time for liberals to call a lie what it is – a lie.