Bill and Hillary: It’s Always Something

April 22, 2015

Because they are only human, political leaders at the national level, whether in power or seeking power, possess one or many personal or ethical flaws. They could be corrupt, bigots, philanderers, closet alcoholics, paranoids, oddballs or outrageous liars ( or a combination of all or some of these flaws). There is not a politician alive today that is a saint ; most if they were Catholics should go to confession regularly or at least to a therapist.

But with the Clintons, Bill and now Hillary, it seems that they are always ready to push the envelope of proper presidential behavior by engaging in activities that give their adversaries plenty of media ammo to make it difficult to trust them or believe in them. To their credit or because they are the most skilled politicians in skirting the law, Bill and Hillary always seem to overcome the problems that they knowingly placed themselves in.

Now with Hillary it is Benghazi, email servers, special favors to foreign financial supporters, and perhaps misused money in their charitable foundation. It is always something. Of course conservatives are jumping full board on these alleged miscues, but it is only because Hillary, like her husband, keeps pushing the envelope believing that somehow she will survive and prosper. Paddy Power, the Irish bookmaker, has Hillary as an overwhelming victor in the 2016 presidential election.

It’s still way to early even to pay attention to the personal and ethical flaws of Hillary Clinton, but I think it is fair to say that in this election the American voter is looking for policies, ideas, initiatives and straight talk from Hillary rather than the regular barrage of nasty claims of malfeasance and scandal-mongering. Way too much time and media spin is being spent on getting this Clinton out of hot water and salvaging her campaign.

If you are a Clinton supporter it is almost like you would want to sit down with Hillary and tell her to stop being Bill.

Clinton and Obama

August 2, 2014

My take on the statement ten hours before 9/11 from former President Clinton about trying to kill Osama bin Laden

Ol’ Bill Is Back

November 16, 2011

Bill Clinton is back ( if he was ever gone) hawking his latest book Back to Work: Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong Economy. Of course if you are a Democrat, Bill lays out the basic line of his party on how to deal with the economic distress this country is in- spending cuts and tax increases on the rich, entitlement reform but not in ways that decimates Social Security and Medicare, and debt reduction that does not dismantle valuable government programs.

The 41st president is clearly aiming to respond to the message of the Tea Party and the conservative wing of the Republican Party in Congress, who have cornered the market on making an anti-government case to the American people. Not surprisingly Clinton goes after the Bush administration for spending on two wars, a tax cut for the rich and well born and a seniors prescription drug program with no revenue stream to pay for it.

Clinton, who is not shy about the success of the economy during his administration, takes a few swipes at Barack Obama for allowing the right-wing to control the national dialogue and for allowing the Republicans in Congress to push the administration around.

Clinton’s main advice is for Obama and the Democrats to fashion an electoral storyline that counteracts the Republicans. The storyline would go something like this: the Republicans have ignored if not destroyed the financial underpinnings of the middle class by their tax, subsidy, and policy positions. The Republicans are not the friends of the middle class and it is only the Democrats who want to restore the financial security and destiny of the hard working folks who are losing their job, their homes and their futures.

Clinton, not Obama, would be perfect for presenting this storyline, but he is permanently out of the presidential sweepstakes. He can only advise Obama and the  Democrats. The question is whether they will listen to him and develop a Clintonesque approach to taking on the Republicans in 2012.

Say what you will about Ol’Bill’s wandering eye and the fact that he didn’t inhale in college but the guy knows how to speak to the American people and get them to see the Democratic side of the political equation. The problem is that President Obama is not President Clinton and these are terrible times, not the go go days of the 1990s.  We will just have to see if Ol’Bill’s advice and vision make inroads at the White House and among Democrats running for Congress.