The Year of Mercy

November 5, 2016

So many people must have missed the Pope’s message that this is the Year of Mercy. I think what Francis was saying is that in this year we should all be kind to each other, avoid making snap or rash judgments, refrain from humiliating people in public or behind their backs or condemning friends and foes just because they hold a different view.

Certainly Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump must have missed the memo, and if I must say, more so Trump. Their campaigns, especially in the last week, have been just brutal and show no mercy. There just must be a few issues that need to be discussed to inform the voters instead of going negative?

Certainly the Catholic pastor in San Diego who included a flyer in the weekly bulletin saying that those faithful who voted Democratic would face the eternal fires of hell. Seems a bit harsh. Looks like I am headed for Hades.

Certainly Catholics who used the cruelest slurs possibleĀ  when they read a column by the Boston Globe reporter that statedĀ  a position on abortion by a candidate (in this case Clinton) is not the only issue to judge her worthiness for the highest office. Seems that Pope Francis is trying to get social justice on the agenda of Catholics and not make the Church a one issue organization.

Certainly the media, mainstream and Internet outlets, for creating and fostering a climate of misinformation, disinformation, biased reporting, lie-telling and unsubstantiated leaking all in an effort to bump up ratings.

Certainly some angry voters who threaten violence, pledge to carry weapons to voting sites, wear the most vile T-shirts, and openly suggest that candidates should be shot just don’t understand that civility and mercy go hand in hand.

There is still some time left in the Year of Mercy, but it looks like the outcome of the election will not quiet those who refuse to embrace the Pope’s message. Now not every American voter is a Catholic, but mercy is a universal value and really should be above, way above politics.