Why is Trump Still Popular, It’s Easy

June 5, 2018

Legions of liberals scratch their heads when they see polling data that show President Trump’s approval rate over 40%. Despite the stupid tweets, the lies and exaggerations, the flaunting of the rule of law, the destruction of presidential norms of behavior, blatant corruption, and the embrace of public policies that isolate the United States and pose real dangers to our future as the leader of the free world, Trump trudges on not just with his base but also with independent-minded voters who are unwilling to denounce him and push for his removal from office.

So what’s going on here with the stability of the Trump approval? It is really quite easy. Trump supporters see more money in their paychecks, and some have seen bonuses or small increases in their salaries, jobs are so plentiful that workers can now pick and choose, the stock market despite regular ups and downs is generally on the uptick, inflation is minimal, and areas of the economy once viewed as dead are no longer on life support. As the Democratic strategist James Carvelle reminded Bill Clinton’s staff, ” It’s the economy, stupid.”

Although some in his administration and certainly those among the punditry have called him a “moron” or just plain “dumb”, Trump knows the current state of American political culture – flag waving patriotism, fear of minorities, militarism, disgust with political correctness, support for small town Americana, and hatred of the eastern and California elite. Somehow the Democrats forgot that our political culture can be defined by what the working class believes is what America stands for, not what the New York Times editorializes. Trump has tapped into this working class culture and is not afraid to use it to bludgeon the left. Few people read the Times but they do listen to the President.

Of course having an approval rating in the low 40% range means that somewhere in the 60% range Americans either despise Trump or have serious questions about where he is taking the country. But if liberals are to make any serious dent in that 40% they have to admit there are now two competing political cultures in our country and begin to make efforts to understand the Trump culture and where possible make efforts to offer realistic alternatives.

What does that mean – “realistic alternatives”? In no particular order liberals must tag Trump with the inevitable increases in health care premiums, offer a better package of tax cuts that puts more money in the pockets of working class people, stop making pro-choice the signature position of the left, forget the big cities and take bus rides to rural America for listening tours, show the American public that patriotism means more than the flag,¬† and last but not least ask Nancy Pelosi to retire.

The challenge of the liberals as they try to compete with Trumpism is like moving a huge aircraft carrier on a different course; for years liberals have forgotten that they were originally the party of the working man and woman and that their support came from the heartland. If the Democrats hold to their old model of politics the blue wave of November 2018 just may fizzle out as the economy hums along. Trump may yet set himself up for self-destruction, but the liberals must change or face their own self-destruction.



2018- There’s Always Hope

December 18, 2017

My last blog posting was titled “2017 Was a Terrible Year.” Writing about the all the tragic, disappointing and scary events, personalities and conditions that combined to create a terrible year was sadly not that difficult. But I ended my analysis by reminding all the readers that there is always hope, hope for a better tomorrow, hope that the goodness in all of us will win out against the evil, the hate, the selfishness that too often permeates our world.

My personal sense of hope is based on the arrival of Mae Felicity, grandchild number 4, who came into the world in June and has filled our family with joy and love. My personal sense of joy is based on the growth of our other grandchildren – Grace, who has become a beautiful young girl and an excellent skater, Noah who makes us all proud with his hockey and soccer skills, and Caleb, who’s smile and imagination knows no bounds. Grandpa¬† and Grandma of course are biased but all four grand kids are already showing signs of gifted minds and generous hearts.

It is too easy to fall prey to the negative elements in our world, since we are constantly bombarded with daily doses of badness. But looking at the faces and the early accomplishments of Mae, Grace, Noah and Caleb reminds me of the old adage, ” Hope springs eternal.” Yes hope is everywhere if you look for it, especially among the young who don’t dwell on the negative, but who’s lives are full of fun and energy and goodness.

2018 will certainly bring with it trials and tribulations, but 2018 will also bring the further development of Mae, Grace, Noah and Caleb. They will add to the millions and millions of young people who come into the world with wonderment and peace and unique gifts that know no bounds. During the coming year it is important that we who get depressed with the world around us look into the eyes of a child, where hope resides and goodness prevails. For me I want to hug Mae, Grace, Noah and Caleb and thank them for bringing hope into the world. Yes, 2018 will be a good year. Happy New Year to all.