About Me

Michael Kryzanek

I have been a Professor of Political Science at Bridgewater State College since 1973 ( Ph.D University of Massachusetts, Amherst). My specialty is Latin American politics and U.S.-Latin American relations, and I have written five books on the region. I have also published a book entitled Angry, Bored, and Confused: A Citizen Guide to American Politics, and a text in the area of comparative government entitled Comparative Politics: A Policy Approach, a fourth edition of my book U.S.-Latin American Relations was published in 2009. I am the founding editor of the Bridgewater Review, the faculty journal of Bridgewater State University.  In 2010 I published my latest book Debates, Differences and Divisions: The 25 Issues That Shape American Politics  (Pearson/Longman, 2010).  From 2010-2015 I was the Executive Director of the Center for International Engagement at Bridgewater in charge of all international programs at the University. In 2015 I retired but remained a special assistant to the president of Bridgewater State University for Global Engagement. In 2017 I published a second edition of the 25 Issues That Shape American Politics in collaboration with my daughter Ann Karreth of Ursinus College.

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Me says:

    This looks great, you overacheiving meglomaniac! I want to see soem of AnnKryc’s commentary also!!!

  2. Loretta Kryzanek says:

    Hi, I was looking up our son’s business e-mail address and there you were. Your middle initial is different from his. So, there must be some relative connection as our last names are not very common…to say the least. My husband’s relatives are mostly in Wisconsin, Green Bay and thereabouts…he has a brother in Bend, Oregon and another in the Milwaukee area.
    Now I need to find what Mike’s new e-mail address is. Regards, Loretta Kryzanek….nearly 52 years ago, my name was Miller!

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