Beard Boys

Here’s a modest proposal for the struggling Red Sox as they seek to get back into the groove and make a run for a playoff spot. How about they all get up tomorrow and shave off their beards and facial hair. Now that may seem like a trivial matter, especially these days when masculinity is defined as beard growth, but if the Sox players want a new start, they can begin with a new look.

As the old saying goes, ” Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, which could be translated into the Gods of baseball might look favorably upon a group of guys who are clean shaven and can look into the mirror in the morning and see a younger face ready to take on the world. Now of course shaving everyday and presenting a new team look is not the answer to Chris Sale’s pitching woes or Mookie’s poor start or all those relief pitchers who look like they spent the night sleeping on a park bench. But right now the Boys of Summer need something to rally their inner spirits and start getting serious about baseball. How about we start with a morning shave.

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