Women Rule

Unless Hillary Clinton is found out to be a paid agent of the Russians or sexually abused a male campaign worker it is highly likely that she will win the presidential election on November 8th. If she does become the 45th President of the United States she can thank the women of America.

Even before the Pussygate scandal there were clear trends that women were abandoning Donald Trump in droves and headed over to Hillary. New polls in the coming days will only verify this electoral trend. As for the guys, they still buy into the Make America Great Again promise, the attack against political correctness, and the strongman proclivities of the Donald. The fact that Trump knows little about the Constitution, the rule of law, separation of powers, checks and balances and of course democracy seems less important to men as they have bought into the “kick the bums out” mantra.

Women on the other hand are not just so much champions of democratic values and practice as they see through the rantings of Trump. Women more so then men see the benefits of working together toward a goal, avoiding rash decisions, engaging  in compromise rather than confrontation, and putting more emphasis on solving domestic issues such as health care, education, and poverty rather than “macho” issues such as defense spending, corporate power, and using our military to send a message to our adversaries. These of course are generalizations but women do see politics differently and define leadership and decision-making as based on caution and pragmatism not on testosterone levels. Acting and talking tough are not the common ways women address a problem or seek a solution to a problem.

If Hillary Clinton is to succeed even in a small way as the next president she will need women to stay with her and validate the benefits of the female way of running a country. The damage that Donald Trump has done to the American ethos and psyche is enormous and will not just fade away on November 9th or after the oath of office is taken on January 20th. Hillary is no saint, that is for sure;she will carry a ton of baggage into the White House. But what she does have is political skill, government experience and a woman’s approach to bringing people together.


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