The Political Wisdom of Rod Stewart

One of my favorite Rod Stewart songs from yesteryear is “Reason to Believe”. No one would describe the Scottish/British rocker as a political pundit or philosopher but the words to ” Reason to Believe” in many ways hit at the heart of today’s electoral and democratic malaise. As Rod says in “Reason to Believe”:

” If I listened long enough to you, I’d find a way to believe it’s all true.Knowing that you lied straight-faced while I cried, still I look to find a reason to believe.”

In this terrible 2016 election cycle Americans are desperately looking for a reason to believe, but know that the candidates, mostly Trump, but Hillary too, lie straight-faced and bring decent voters and patriotic citizens to tears.

Politics is supposed to be an honorable profession where the best and the brightest make Americans feel confident about the future knowing that the national interest, the common good will prevail. They want to have a reason to believe, but instead face lies, half-truths, money-grubbing excesses, shady deals, secrecy, false promises, careless actions and hurtful tirades.

So how did we get into this mess, where the choices for leader of the free world make people cry? There are a laundry list of reasons from middle class anger, to money-driven politics, to influence-peddling interest groups, to a ratings-obsessed media, to congressional incompetence. And don’t forget that we as a people are culpable as we pay scant attention to matters of state and then get mad when things go wrong.

What may save this country and our democracy from falling deeper into political distress is that the American people continue to seek a reason to believe; they want their leaders to be straight with them, to care about their safety and security, to work to improve their lives, and to end the petty disputes that paralyze the governing process.

You could say that there is always hope, but over the last eight years hope didn’t work out so well. What this nation needs now is the truth, straight talk, and positive steps that instill confidence, in other words a reason to believe.





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