The Trump Strategy

It is abundantly clear that Donald Trump is not a detail guy or policy wonk or fact checker, but he is most effective and politically savvy when it comes to making horrible accusations or cruel declarations against his opponents or those who are not part of his white America voting bloc. He certainly will not change his strategy once he begins to unload against Hillary Clinton. This campaign will be run in the gutter and largely void of serious dialogue on issues that are critical to the future of this country.

So what can we expect from the Donald and what will Hillary have to deal with as this country wades through the muck until this worst campaign ever is finally over? Here’s a snapshot of Trump’s strategy and Hillary’s lament.

He will follow the Republican playbook and claim that the Benghazi deaths were Hillary’s fault and that she was lying to her teeth – lying Hillary

He will state that Hillary didn’t have the human decency to speak to the families of those who died in the Benghazi raid – heartless Hillary

He will claim that Hillary likely divulged state secrets by using a personal email server and that if not for a Democratic Justice Department and weak FBI she would be in handcuffs – criminal Hillary

He will assert that she is a pawn of Wall Street while he is beholden to no one, certainly no one in Washington – money hungry Hillary

He will charge that she knew about all of Bill’s flings and the shady dealings to make his lady friends go away – cover-up Hillary

He will hint that maybe just maybe Hillary always liked women rather than men and was carrying on a secret life – in the closet Hillary

He will of course question her ability as a woman to be tough, decisive, strong-willed and all within the context in which a woman’s biological and anatomical differences creep into the charges – Hillary as Megyn Kelly

I could go on and on but I think you get the gist of the Trump strategy. One can only hope that Hillary has her own strategy to counteract the gutter and that the American people still yearn for a policy debate on the issues and the future of this country rather than a mud fest. One can only hope, but don’t count on it.



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