Tough Choices

Please answer these questions honestly.

  1. How many of you really, and I mean really, like your boss?
  2. How many of you get along with your next door neighbor?
  3. How many of you have ever argued with a police officer when you knew you were in the wrong?
  4. How many of you believe you have been ripped off in a business transaction?
  5. How many of you dislike your in-laws?

Now take those answers and apply them to the two likely candidates for President of the United States – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. There is not a poll around that does not show that these two front runners have huge negatives, in short a vast majority of voters either dislike them, don’t trust them, are scared of them or simply believe they are the wrong people to occupy the White House.

But if your answers to the above five question show that you have “issues” with people who don’t live up to your expectations or lifestyle, then take a hard look at Clinton and Trump and make an adult decision between two tough choices. I am sure that you would agree that no one is perfect and surely these two are clearly in the imperfect category, but if the real world we live in is imperfect then when you make your choice for president carry over that same acceptance of imperfection that you encounter everyday. So my advice, get over the fact that Clinton and Trump are no angels and deal with them as you would your boss, next door neighbor, police officer, business associate or the dreaded in-laws.

I have a hunch that many voting decisions in November will come down to personality and trust and fear rather than policy concerns. So start thinking of Clinton and Trump as really no different than the people you deal with everyday, that is unless you encounter only angels as you walk through life.



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