Political Ramblings

Thank God for the new baseball season because most of us deserve a distraction from the nastiness and craziness of the presidential campaign. But watching the Red Sox does not completely eradicate the burning desire to comment on what Lincoln called the last best hope for mankind, that would  be the United States. So because there is just so much “stuff” out there to comment on, here are a few political ramblings:

The candidates for the White House are so bad that Barack Obama’s approval rating is now above 50%, the first time in years. Could our president leave office as a popular president?

My wife came home yesterday with a few new clothing items, two of which were from the fashion house of Ivanka Trump. Should I be concerned that Carol has gone over to the dark side?

If Hillary wants to win she may consider putting ol’ Bill on ice. Bubba has lost his fastball and maybe should go back to eating meat.

It was certainly prudent for the Secret Service to outlaw guns at the Republican convention in July since it could have ended up as the Gunfight at the OK Corral.

Speaking of the Republican Convention, Cleveland is often called the Mistake on the Lake- an appropriate slogan for the elephant party as they gather to implode.

It may seem a mere technicality, but Jeb Bush only suspended his campaign; he didn’t end his campaign.

The Republicans in the Senate who refuse to take a vote on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee may have made the correct political decision since I don’t hear a mass outcry in the country for a vote.

It is not the same thing as Mike Dukakis riding in a tank wearing an oversized helmet but what benefit does Hillary gain from riding a New York subway for a few blocks?

Ted Cruz condemns New York values, but what are Texas values? Could they be murder, executions, hate groups,seceding from the Union, the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders and big hair?

Trump’s brain trust – Palin, Christie, Carson, and Giuliani – talk about the four horsemen/horsewomen of the apocalypse.

Remember what Lincoln said – the last best hope for mankind.




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