Hookers 4 Hillary

Yes, in this crazy election season there is a organization called Hookers 4 Hillary, women  like Entice Love and many others in the world’s oldest profession, who want to express their political views and support a presidential candidate. As Ms. Love stated to the Politico website, “A lot of people think… we’re just hookers and all we know is how to have sex and we don’t know anything about politics. But that’s not true.”

Now I don’t believe that Hookers 4 Hillary will have much impact on the primary season and beyond, and I suspect that Hillary Clinton is not overjoyed with the endorsement, but at this stage in the delegate race to the convention in Philadelphia, Hillary can use all the help she can muster. For someone with all her political experience- an army of aides and consultants and millions in the campaign war chest- one would think that Hillary would be the runaway choice of Democratic voters. Instead she is fighting for her political life against an unlikely foe, Bernie Sanders- an aging, Jewish, socialist from Vermont where cows outnumber people.

In a nutshell, Hillary simply has misjudged the American voter, especially the young voter; she mistakenly thought that a campaign geared to the senior set, women over 50, Latinos and African-Americans would carry the day. Instead she is being hammered by the millennial generation, white workers, and progressive voters who nod in agreement when Bernie talks about a rigged economy, the evils of Wall Street, and working class angst. Meanwhile Hillary is talking about health care, children and women’s rights, valid issues but not the core of voter interest.

So what we see with Hillary is a series of resets as she shapes her speeches to counter what Bernie has been saying all along; now she is against free trade, now she mildly criticizes Wall Street, now she appeals to the working class who have lost their jobs and millennials who are seeking jobs. Give Bernie credit- he is consistent and on message; as for Hillary – she is the ultimate political chameleon.

Hillary may still end up as the Democratic nominee, in fact it is likely, but along the way she will be required to answer for her shifting positions and her out of touch divide with the new American voter. On second thought, in a close election Hillary just might need Hookers 4 Hillary.


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