Polling and President Donald Trump???

I just looked at the recent poll numbers comparing the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who appears to be well on his way to capture the Republican gold ring. To my surprise Hillary is on average in February polls about 3-4 percentage points ahead of The Donald, not 13 or 14 percentage points but 3 to 4 percent.My goodness, 3-4% is in the margin of error. Wow!!!

You would think that with all that bluster, vulgarity, narcissism, phony promises, policy voids and intolerance Trump would be a shoe-in to lose to Clinton. And yet he marches on saying the same platitudes to boisterous crowds who love it when he is politically incorrect or even racist. While Clinton fights for every female, youthful and Hispanic vote, Trump  befuddles the pundits with his rising popularity.

Bernie Sanders, who most experts agree will have a difficult time gaining the nomination, does better than Hillary with an average of about 7 percentage points in front of Trump. But of course should Bernie rise to the top he will always be thought of that socialist from Vermont who would transform this country into Denmark.

Now for those of you who in your hearts believe that the Trump bandwagon will come to a crashing halt somewhere before or during the convention and certainly will collapse when he has to face the public in a series of debates against a tough campaigner like Hillary Clinton, such an outcome is real and to quote Lincoln ” the last best hope.”

But should Hillary face more email controversies, tax avoidance concerns, greedy speechifying reports out of Wall Street or ol’ Bill being ol’ Bill on the campaign trail, then the current closeness of the race is not some bad dream. As many have said before me – Trump could win, and promptly turn this country into a failed reality television show.

Somewhere along the line Hillary will have to get her act together and start convincing voters that she is not dishonest, self-serving, and friends with Wall Street not Main Street. So far she has done a miserable job of being the sane and populist answer to the Know Nothing candidate, Donald Trump.

If Hillary fails at this task then we could have a president with bad hair and a first lady who barely speaks English.


One Response to Polling and President Donald Trump???

  1. Toad says:

    Which is why we should all vote for the socialist from Vermont.

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