Trump, Sanders and the Vote Count

While political pundits, party leaders and of course the candidates seeking the highest office in the land are divining the tea leafs of the New Hampshire primary, one tidbit from the first in the nation vote on the road to the White House is what color ballot the citizens of New Hampshire chose – blue for the Democrats, Pink for the Republicans.

Using my handy-dandy smartphone calculator I came up with approximately a 38,000 lead for the Republicans in voter turnout. Certainly Trump’s first victory makes him more than a loudmouth billionaire with no clue on how to run a country and Sander’s utter slaying of out of touch Hillary Clinton proves that he is no flash in the pan socialist. But when New Hampshire voters, both Republicans and Independents grab the pink ballot nearly 40,000 more times than the Democrats that should strike fear in the hearts of both Sanders and Clinton.

New Hampshire is one of those so-called purple states that could go either way depending on the candidates and the political environment. New Hampshire has a Democrat governor and one of each party in the Senate. But if the Republican heavy turnout means anything down the road, it shows that perhaps the Democrats have more of a problem than just Sander’s idealistic socialism and Clinton’s pragmatic “establishmentalism”.

The GOP may be headed to a brokered convention and the Democrats may be engaged in a delegate bloodbath, but an alliance of Republicans and Independents in the future primaries and the general election could coalesce into a victory that would doom the Democrats. Recent polling data and research points out that there are now more red states ( Republican leaning) than blue states (Democrat leaning) on the electoral map. A purple state ( no clear leaning tendencies) like New Hampshire that pushes the turnout to the Republican side may be a sign of trends to come.

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