Is Trump the Fox or the Hedgehog?

The Greek thinker Archilochus and later the distinguished British philosopher Isaiah Berlin wrote about the Fox and the Hedgehog as they tried to bring some clarity to how best to define and separate the way humans think and act.

The fox is someone who sees the world as complex and lacking a simple truth. In order to survive the fox is cunning, using tricks and adapting to changing circumstances. The hedgehog has a single vision; the world is simple and can be defined with one clear and unchanging truth. The hedgehog does not maneuver but h0lds steady.

In an update to the fox and the hedgehog one wonders if Donald Trump is indeed the fox as he changes the political and electoral landscape and survives through cunning adaptation, while the so-called establishment – mainline Republicans, deep-pocket donors and the mainstream media- trudge along with outdated visions of how elections are to be run and won.

Or is The Donald really the hedgehog, overwhelmed with his gigantic ego thinking that he knows how to win the hearts, minds and votes of the disillusioned American electorate with a simple vision- trusting him to Make America Great Again? There is no political nuance with Trump as the hedgehog  pushing forcefully toward the goal, the establishment be damned.

There is no immediate answer to this ancient fable as it applies to Trump, at least not yet. But those who have examined this human dichotomy often point out that the fox usually has a better chance of success because he/she shifts with the prevailing winds and with cunning and grit survives to fight another day. The hedgehog, with his/her single vision, can indeed succeed and destroy the opposition, that is if the vision is spot on and all the complex factors fall into place.

Is Trump the fox or the hedgehog? This is for the the American voters to decide. And by the way this fable can be applied to Bernie and Hillary, and Ted and Mario as well. Stay tuned as the fox and hedgehog fight it out for supremacy and the presidency.




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