The Big Mo

Donald Trump has still a little over two months to make outlandish and false statements before the Iowa caucuses on February 1st. He also has about two months to hold onto his lead in the polls in Iowa, although Ted Cruz is catching up and Ben Carson is still in the mix but fading a bit.

Although the Republican party establishment is pulling out its hair over the staying power of Trump, they now know that the real estate mogul has some Teflon powers that allow him to appeal to the politically incorrect crowd and still remain the front runner. But what the establishment is most afraid of is what has often termed “the Big Mo” – the electoral condition in which the candidate strings together a series of primary wins and builds such great momentum that stopping him or her is difficult if not impossible.

Should Trump maintain his lead in Iowa and squeak by in New Hampshire, he then heads south to the so-called SEC primaries where anger toward government reigns supreme and conservative politics is in the DNA. Anywhere along the line he could falter as Republican voters come to their senses and see Trump as a reality show charlatan and quasi-fascist unfit as the leader of their party. But cobbling together primary victories early on will cement his standing as the potential nominee.

If this scenario of a Big Mo push to the convention in Cleveland holds true don’t expect the establishment to give up as they will use every procedural and rules tactic, backroom deals with delegates, and of course smear campaigns to build a case for an alternative candidate, i.e. Marco Rubio. If you think the run-up to the convention through the primaries was entertaining, just wait for Cleveland.

Of course this is the holiday season and no one except CNN. Fox and the right-wing of the GOP care about the presidential election, so  settle down with your egg nog by the fire and enjoy the hustle and bustle of real America. But come the first of the year the race for the White House will get really interesting, especially if the Big MO takes hold and the Republican establishment wages war against Donald Trump.




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