Be Very Afraid

If I were Hillary Clinton I would pray daily to the God of the Electoral College that Marco Rubio does not become the nominee of the Republican Party. Also if I was Hillary and still praying I would ask the God of the Electoral College to have the wingnuts of the right wing stay at home on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November and pout that Trump, Carson, Cruz, Huckabee,and Paul never made it to the big show.

Hillary should be very afraid of Rubio. Not only is he handsome and youthful, but he has a great personal story, impressive debating skills, and most importantly the ability to make sense from a conservative perspective without sounding like he is a bit off the wall. Add to the scenario that he is Hispanic and comes from the key state of Florida and Hillary should remain very afraid

Of course this is only November and Jeb hasn’t given up the ship as one of the Republicans who is not a goofy entertainer, or a rather odd physician or an angry member of Congress, but the smart money is increasingly heading to Rubio and the Clinton camp is working overtime planning how to counteract the 2016 version of Barack Obama.

Hillary has some powerful arguments on the campaign trail – an improving economy, the tone deaf positions of the GOP on women and minorities, and the growing scandal of income inequality and equal pay. But Rubio comes across as someone who is trustworthy and earnest, two qualities sorely lacking in Hillary.

It’s a long, long way till the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, that would be November 8th, but Marco Rubio could be the savior of a fractured Republican Party and the next occupant of the White House.

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