The hack of the Ashley Madison website is expected to lead to a treasure trove of extra- marital affairs by high level and low level cheaters. Now infidelity is nothing new in our world, in fact isn’t that what caused God to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah? But in this age of instant access to information, there are a lot of guys and gals out there twisting in the wind as the names of the cheaters become public.

Already there is concern in Washington as perhaps hundreds of White House and Congressional notables, some with highly sensitive positions, will be outed in the coming days. I doubt whether the Chinese or the Russians have planted “sleeper cells” (pardon the pun) in our nation’s capital to gather information from pillow talk, but more seriously the hack of Ashley Madison will certainly ruin families and tarnish reputations.

Since we have become a non-judgmental and largely hypocritical nation, these revelations will not raise much of an eyebrow, in large part because we have slowly but surely become the French, as private matters are accepted with a shrug.

But we are not quite the French; we still have that Puritan streak in our blood and often exhibit the “gotcha” values that show no mercy for a failed marriage or raging hormones. If anything we are the supermarket tabloid/reality show nation that just can’t get enough of the cheating crowd.

Now I suspect that most marriages in this country are on the level with the worst offenses of the husband or wife being a little wandering eye or innocent flirt. But in the dog days of summer the Ashley Madison cheating data does provide some relief from Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, both people who know quite a bit about cheaters and cheating.

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