Beyond Nuts

Talk about fringe conservative nut jobs, hundreds of Texas “patriots” are preparing to take on the United States army as they engage in a military exercise called Jade Helm 15. These nut jobs are convinced that President Obama is using this exercise as a means to establish martial law in Texas and bring the conservative movement in that state to its knees.

After you read some of these off the wall comments of these nut jobs, a rational person would easily wonder how people can be so out of touch with how the real world works. But then the picture becomes clearer when the governor of Texas Greg Abbott gets the state national guard to stay on alert to fend off the US troops and US Senator Ted Cruz gives further credence to the dastardly exploits of our president.

This is what the Tea Party, Fox News, Ann Coulter, and the gun rights advocates have wrought among some in Texas ( and probably elsewhere -its only a matter of time). Certainly it is a lot easier these days to mistrust the federal government or to loose faith in popular democracy, but to think that any military official in the Pentagon or at nearby Ft. Hood would buy into much less obey an order from the President to impose martial law is just plain bizarre.

Fear- mongering is the lifeblood of the conservative movement. Coupled with undertones of racism against Barack Hussein Obama and the unfiltered nonsense on the internet and there is a perfect recipe for preparing for a military takeover of Texas ( or maybe even the end of times).

This country just recognized the sacrifice of thousands of American heroes who gave their life for this country in far away places, all so that we can live free and and secure. Then along comes these phony patriots who are preparing for war against their own troops because charlatans and talk radio kooks have dreamed up a scheme to gather attention. It’s not only shameless but nuts.


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