Bill and Hillary: It’s Always Something

Because they are only human, political leaders at the national level, whether in power or seeking power, possess one or many personal or ethical flaws. They could be corrupt, bigots, philanderers, closet alcoholics, paranoids, oddballs or outrageous liars ( or a combination of all or some of these flaws). There is not a politician alive today that is a saint ; most if they were Catholics should go to confession regularly or at least to a therapist.

But with the Clintons, Bill and now Hillary, it seems that they are always ready to push the envelope of proper presidential behavior by engaging in activities that give their adversaries plenty of media ammo to make it difficult to trust them or believe in them. To their credit or because they are the most skilled politicians in skirting the law, Bill and Hillary always seem to overcome the problems that they knowingly placed themselves in.

Now with Hillary it is Benghazi, email servers, special favors to foreign financial supporters, and perhaps misused money in their charitable foundation. It is always something. Of course conservatives are jumping full board on these alleged miscues, but it is only because Hillary, like her husband, keeps pushing the envelope believing that somehow she will survive and prosper. Paddy Power, the Irish bookmaker, has Hillary as an overwhelming victor in the 2016 presidential election.

It’s still way to early even to pay attention to the personal and ethical flaws of Hillary Clinton, but I think it is fair to say that in this election the American voter is looking for policies, ideas, initiatives and straight talk from Hillary rather than the regular barrage of nasty claims of malfeasance and scandal-mongering. Way too much time and media spin is being spent on getting this Clinton out of hot water and salvaging her campaign.

If you are a Clinton supporter it is almost like you would want to sit down with Hillary and tell her to stop being Bill.

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