Taking Back America?

Republicans, whether running for the presidency or in Congress, have hit upon a slogan that will likely endure through the 2016 elections. The GOP wants to” take back America.” Now I get the fact that much of this lingo means that the Republicans want to replace liberalism, secularism, progressivism, Obamaism, and Clintonism, and of course socialism with conservative principles and leadership.

But when Republicans talk about ” taking back America” I think the American public deserve more than vague platitudes and phony promises to get rid of the IRS and send illegal immigrants ( all 12 million of them) back to Mexico. I guess I have some questions as to what ” taking back America” means from a policy perspective.

So, in no order of importance here are some questions as to what the Republicans need to answer about ” taking back America”:

Do the Republicans mean that we would return to a time when nearly 50 million Americans had no health insurance?

Do the Republicans mean that we would cut the taxes of millionaires and major corporations even though they have stashed over $ 20 trillion offshore and receive generous subsidies from the government?

Do the Republicans mean that we would deepen income inequality and let the poor and the middle class drown in debt and poverty?

Do the Republicans mean that we would return to Teddy Roosevelt’s desire to become” policeman to the world” and bomb our adversaries and invade foreign lands?

Do the Republicans mean that African-Americans and Hispanics would be stripped of basic civil and political rights in order to keep the soon to be white minority in control?

Now I suspect that ” taking back America” really is code for stopping gay marriage, taking down Jefferson’s walls of separation between church, and state, weakening the morally corrupt media and Hollywood, and ending any attempts to further legalize weed. Certainly the GOP has a constitutional right to voice their concerns over these hot button issues, but let’s face it, gay marriage is here to stay, the younger generation is overwhelmingly secular if not agnostic, the media and Hollywood are deeply entrenched in our culture and booze rather than weed is the real threat to health and safety.

So my only request of the Republicans is that when they promise to ” take back America” they address the five questions posed above. I personally would not want to go back to the America of one hundred years ago.


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