A Few Questions

Every once and awhile my brain is bombarded by a load of questions about the world we live in. I don’t have a ready answer for many of these questions and too often I just conclude that they are so off the wall that they should be ignored as irrelevant. So as we move through the cold of winter here are the questions that maybe you can help me with or at least tell me to ignore:

1. Why is it that the Obama administration insists on using the term “violent extremism” rather than “Islamic terrorism”?

2.Why is it that the new Republican Congress addresses the concerns of Wall Street as a top priority rather than help the middle class get back on its feet?

3. Where is Hillary Clinton?

4. Why are towns and cities areound Seattle banning Wisconsin cheese before the big NFC championship game on Sunday?

5. Why is it that most of the films up for an Academy Award this year have never been seen by most Americans?

6.Why does this country of great wealth have millions homeless and even more millions hungry?

7. If 2014 was the hottest year in recorded history, why aren’t we doing something about this?

8. Why is humorist Jon Stewart of the Daily Show one of the most trusted “journalists” on television?

9. If Pope Francis says he will not judge gays, why should we judge them?

10. Is there any upside to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

And the most important question I have:

Why can’t we all get along?

Please help me answering these pressing questions


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