It’s All Obama’s Fault

As we head into the new year some very odd developments have occurred. Let’s take a brief look at these rather troubling conditions:

The US economy grew at a rate of 5% in the last quarter
The stock market broke the 18,000 barrier
Unemployment is now below 6%
More jobs have been created in the last year than at any time since 1999
The federal budget deficit has dropped to a level not seen since 2006
Consumer confidence is on the rise
The Christmas shopping season was a economic blockbuster
ISIS is either stalled or in retreat
Russia is collapsing from the sanctions and the drop in oil
The Ukraine crisis is no longer a crisis
The Iranians now want to talk seriously about their nuclear program
The Ebola crisis is no longer a crisis
Millions of Americans continue to sign up for Obamacare
In seven states gas is below $ 2.00, many more states will follow

The only conclusion I can come to is that this is all Obama’s fault.


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