Stop Being Scared

As we approach Halloween, the basic premise of the day is to scare people with spooky costumes, with the verbal challenge – trick or treat, and with the creepy condiditons of a dark and cold night. But this year many Americans are already scared – scared of Ebola, scared of ISIS, scared of illegal immigrants, scared of serial killers, scared of traveling or even going to school or the mall; in short Americans are just plain scared.

There is even a new television program called Stalker that is designed to scare the living daylights out of viewers who sit in their easy chair and watch some homicidal maniac stalk an innocent and unsuspecting person, usually an attractive woman.

Well despite the Halloween season, I am sick and tired of being told that I should be scared and having the media and politicians trying to get me to be scared. I hope you agree that it is time for Americans not to be scared of living in our world and to stand up to those who are working to keep us scared.

This is not the time to wallow in fear and constantly worry about how some person or group or disease out there is set to bring death and destruction to America and Americans. The whole culture of being scared is making us immobile and constantly looking over our shoulder.

Yes, there are bad people out there, yes, there are diseases around us, and yes, there are terrorists in the world. But being scared is really only for Halloween, not for everyday life. I would really like to hear a politician call for bravery and personal strength instead of trying to scare the hell out of our citizens.

Being scared is not the American way, never has been and never should be. Scared is for fictional television shows or all those Freddy Kruger movies. Scared is for trick and treat night, but scared is not the reality of our world or our values or our way of life. So let’s get back to being courageous and enjoy life and not fall prey to the media and political charlatans who want to gain ratings or win votes by making you fear your shadow.



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