If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Try Again

Well it is just about that time of year to ask the eternal question, “How are you doing with your New Year’s resolution?” I don’t mean to be a downer when it comes to the yearly attempt at self-improvement, but if you are like me, the grand promises made a week ago are likely to have faded into thin air.

Just to recap, most of us, present company included, pledged that we would do one or more of the following – quit smoking, lose weight, pay off credit cards, join a gym, stress less, eat healthy, save money, find love, learn a new skill and of course the big resolution, stick to the resolution.

Well there you have it it, all the major resolutions, so now the question becomes have you kept your grand promise or like me have you failed miserably in just one week? Personally, I was big on the eat healthy promise and of course in the days right after New Year’s Day I was munching on potato chips, eating ice cream, and downing sugary sodas. As you can see self-control was beaten out by high levels of weakness.

This happens every year as I try to eat correctly but it just seems to be an impossible task. I presume that the same problem faces most Americans who make the grand promises, only to admit that personal weakness takes over and renders the promises meaningless.

Perhaps what I should do instead of choosing the eating healthy option is to promise myself that I will join a gym. My wife has been after me to trot over to the local Y and join the other seniors who religiously get up every morning and exercise to make up for their bad eating habits. But the gym resolution just doesn’t pan out as excuses take over and I keep saying to my wife that I will join the Y soon, but “soon” is never properly defined.

I really hope that you are doing a better job of keeping your New Year’s resolution than I am because starting the year with a pledge of self-improvement is a good idea;it is just that we are humans and humans tend to lie to themselves about self-improvement and never get around to making good on their promises. Here’s hoping that I can
renew my resolution effort come Groundhogs Day.

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