The Joy of Giving

Christmas is perhaps one of the most stressful times of the year as all that cooking, shopping, card sending, tree buying, toy assembling and gift wrapping takes its toll.By the time December 26th comes along many of us are just plain exhausted and in need in rest, relaxation and eggnog in front of fireplace.

But most of us wouldn’t trade this stress for anything, especially after we see the excitement in the eyes of our children and grandchildren as they open their presents. Christmas is a time of giving, not just giving presents to loved one but experiencing the joy of giving. It is part of our human make-up that most of us are givers and enjoy sharing what we have with others.

Sure there are Scrooge types out there who only think of themselves and take a warped pleasure in amassing wealth rather than sharing wealth, but these sad and lonely people are overwhelmed by the giving spirit that is in most of us.

This Christmastime I have seen the goodness in people as they go out of their way to spread cheer to those less fortunate. There are more and more stories these days about people paying it forward as they buy groceries for those ahead of them in line or give a large tip to a restaurant worker or drop off a toy for the needy. This is the time of the year when our belief in the goodness of mankind is reenforced, no matter what evil is shown on the nightly news.

If only we could keep the spirit of giving that shines so brightly on Christmas throughout the rest of the year. That spirit would surely bring peace on earth and goodwill to mankind.

In this Christmas season let us remember that spirit of giving and sharing and helping that is at the heart of the wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas to you and yours and may the spirit of the season remain in your hearts.


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