She’s Back!!!

There was a Hillary Clinton sighting a few days ago as she spoke in Virginia at a campaign fund-raiser for Democratic governor candidate Terry McAuliffe. Ol’ Bill was around as well just to remind folks that the Arkansas couple is still kind of together.

But despite the presence of the former President, this was Hillary’s show as she spoke forcefully about the need for Virginia voters to choose as governor her long time friend and campaign fund-raiser for her husband. She looked rested with kind of new hairdo and that canny ability to draw attention.

Not surprisingly, Hillary stressed themes that will likely be repeated constantly once she announces her intention to run for President of the United States, and yes she is running, no matter how coy she gets when asked. There were the sharp attacks on the Republicans in Congress over their silly temper tantrum related to the government shutdown and the debt default. She still possesses that tone in her voice that is both serious and mocking.

But Hillary also accented a new theme about Americans being better than a conglomeration of angry, cynical and depressed citizens with little hope for the future. This sounds a lot like Obama in 2008, but somehow Hillary is more convincing or has better speech writers.

There is no doubt that Hillary is talking to women as she subtly suggests that women can do a better job of running this country and solving problems than the guys who seem driven by excess testosterone, plain old fashioned stubbornness and stupidity.

But make no mistake, once Hillary gets in the race she will be the target of relentless personal attacks by the right- Is she a closet lesbian? Why has she stayed with that philandering Bubba? Could she be more of a socialist than Obama? One area of attack that she has covered is that her birthplace is Illinois and no one will suggest there is a birther issue. And of course she is helped by the fact that she is Caucasian, which let’s face it is the reason the right just can’t stand Obama – a mixed race community organizer who likes MoTown over Nashville.

Look to see Hillary Clinton at more and more of these political fund-raising events as she lays the organizational groundwork for 2016. Whether you love her or hate her, she back.

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