The Worst of the Worst

I hope like me you are getting sick and tired and mostly sick to your stomach watching or reading the news reports about the Whitey Bulger trial. What we see on a daily basis is some of the most vile and degrading examples of how degenerate a criminal Bulger and his associates were.

Not only is Bulger a bad guy who likely killed as many as 19 people, but he apparently was a strangler of young women, a defiler of the dead, a monster-like bully, a pedophile, and oh yes a drug dealer, a loan shark and a paid informant for the FBI.

Whitey still hates to be called a rat but he doesn’t seem to be too concerned when he is accused of some of the most heinous crimes imaginable. How he developed a reputation as a kind of Robin Hood who protected South Boston from outside criminals is beyond me.

Saying this guy was a bad person does no justice to the word bad. Whitey can best be described simply as an evil man. So far every one of the witnesses has told stories that make one wonder what the FBI was thinking when it solicited his help in bringing down the north end mafia and other bad guys in South Boston. None of this is worthy of our attention.

Now it is hard to stop the media from reporting daily on the trial, especially since there is so much really bad stuff on display from the creepy witness pool. I hope that you will join me and tune out the reporting, since all we learn is that the guy was the worst of the worst. I can’t wait till the trial is over and the jury finds him guilty of everything and then send him to jail for the rest of his life.

Believe me stick to watching Duck Dynasty, at least these bearded millionaire yahoos have souls.


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