Summertime and Politics is Irrelevant

One of the benefits of summertime, besides the obvious warm weather and vacation time, is that politics, especially national politics, falls off the radar screen, as politicians spend less time bickering in Washington and go home to convince their constituents that they are working hard and performing their constitutional duties. This of course is the Big Lie.

But in this summertime season, most members of Congress don’t have much to talk about to the folks back home or to crow about as worthwhile accomplishments. Republicans, in particular, don’t have a lot of partisan ammunition to go after the President and their Democratic foes just seem happy to let Obama carry their load.

With the economy on the mend, the stock market moving upward, jobs expanding and housing on the rebound, Republicans are without a go to issue to get the American public focused, especially when most of them are at the beach.

Sure there has been the IRS scandal, but the more the Congress investigates, the more it finds out that there is no there, there. Then the spying on the press issue has simply faded from view, since most people hate the press anyway. There is always Edward Snowden, drones and Egypt but who really cares. The right wingers in the House of Representatives keeps trying to stop Obamacare, knowing full well that it is futile, since the Senate will not join in. So what we get is just political posturing and pettiness that exists on the far fringes of national interest.

So if you are a political junkie, you will just have to wait until after Labor Day to have your partisan juices pumped up as the Congress restarts its attack on Obama and finds something terribly wrong with the United States.

What makes the whole political process irrelevant now is that members of Congress will be focused on getting reelected in 2014 and the President is a lame duck chief executive. What this means is that in the next year politicians will shift from doing little of anything meaningful to convincing voters to reelect them and send them back to Washington so they can do less.

What a waste of our time!

My advice is to relax, have a cold one, watch the Red Sox, read a good book, talk to your significant other, and enjoy the results of global warming. No need to concern yourself with national politics; nothing is likely to happen, and if any good comes our way as a nation, it won’t be because of Congress or the President.

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