Mary Poppins meets the Zombies

It’s that time of year when Hollywood brings out its summer movie blockbusters, and if this year’s films have definable themes, they would be disaster, the apocalypse and zombies. Gone are the days of simple, happy movies that tell a story and accent the good in people – where is the 21st century version of Mary Poppins?

Now we have in no order of destruction and mayhem the movie “White House Down” with Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum in which fanatics take over Washington and blow up the White House and the Capitol building. With the gridlock in our government perhaps there will be some who watch this move and nod their heads in agreement.

Then there is “World War Z” with Brad Pitt in which he fights off the invasion of the undead, or more precisely zombies. Critics have actually said nice things about the movie, but I personally am not into zombies and don’t think the next world war will be a life and death struggle against the undead.

Soon to make the screen in a theater near you is a bald headed Matt Damon in “Elysium” in which a wealthy elite establishes a fortified, orbiting planet much like a paradise, while the rest of humanity suffers in a monstrous and decaying Earth. How’s that for optimism and a positive view of the future?

Thankfully, this summer movie list does include “Superman: Man of Steel”. Yes Clark Kent and Lois Lane are back saving the world from the bad guys. The boy scout with the blue tights and red cape is again flying around, this time over a dysfunctional and declining America and courageously saving the United States from itself, mostly from self-serving and incompetent political leaders.

It’s encouraging to see that the Superman movie is doing well at the box office, as viewers seem attracted by good conquering evil rather than zombies threatening the earth.

Of course these are just movies and viewers are likely paying exorbitant prices to sit and enjoy the mayhem and probably the air-conditioning, but couldn’t we just have a series of summer movies where Brat Pitt isn’t fighting off zombies. Where’s Julie Andrews when you need her.


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