Lessons Lost

If you want to know why the Republicans lost the last election and may have difficulty in upcoming elections, you only have to look at some of the recent comments from party leaders and supporters. Here is a sampling of the bizarre stuff the GOP is saying:

Speaker of the House John Boehner stated that God spoke to the Republican members and that is why he was reelected to the leadership position. I find it hard to believe that God only speaks to Republicans; I thought he/she was bipartisan.

Then the Republican Governor of Mississippi was asked what he thought was the reason why American education was not up to par. His answer – women going out into the workforce rather than staying at home and reading to their children. Really? This comes from the governor of a state that has the lowest per pupil expenditure for education. This is a surefire way to lose the women’s vote- blame them for poor test scores.

And now to Fox News. A few weeks ago four men, including ol’ Lou Dobbs, blathered on about how they were upset with new data showing that 43% of the breadwinners in this country were women. The gang of four then somehow linked this data to the end of the American century and the decline of civilization. Thankfully, Megyn Kelly and Greata van Sustern of Fox, who apparently weren’t invited to the conversation, chastised the boys for being completely off base.

But the boys still in a junior high mood refused to admit how off the wall their comments were. Rather than blaming the growing gap in income in this country and the shrinking of the middle class, these blowhards blamed hard-working females, usually single moms- another bonehead move to alienate women voters.

Finally, there is the evangelical pastor who said with a straight face and of course God on his side that drinking Starbucks coffee was anti-Christian. The pastor’s rant was brought on by the Seattle coffee company’s support of gay marriage

Now not only do most consumer boycotts fail, but this religious outburst linking Starbucks to ungodliness can only bring a smirk to younger Americans, who are the prime visitors to the barista bar, respond to polls as overwhelmingly pro gay marriage and last election were solid Obama supporters. One more ill-advised comment by the conservative right designed to upset a key constituency.

So there you have it, just a few examples that the GOP still doesn’t get it when it comes to understanding America and Americans. You’d think they had learned a lesson on how to win votes and influence voters.


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