Burial Plot

Where to bury, Suspect # 1, the Chechen terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev, that is the question? Outrage over the horrific acts attributed to Tsarnaev is so strong in these parts that officials and funeral home directors are finding it impossible to put this guy in the ground.

A solution was nearly reached to bury Tsarnaev in a prison yard, but that fell through, the family back home is claiming poverty and believes their son was framed, and in the meantime talk radio is alive with the most hate-filled diatribes against any sort of burial compromise that permits Tsarnaev from lying in Massachusetts soil.

An argument can me made that a civilized society buries even the most hated humans, but the hurt of the attack on Marathon Monday is so raw that any thoughts about being civilized are pushed aside. This guy is a mass murderer and deserves nothing, not even a burial.

So what to do – throw his body off a boat, find someone in Canada who will find an open hole in a remote area, leave him in the funeral home until the opposition subsides, or just bury him in a cemetary and let his grave be vandalized on a daily basis?

I am sure that an answer will surface sometime soon, but the question that needs to be asked is whether the protests are representative of the vast majority of people in this state or just the views of revenge seekers trying to gain attention?

After that horrific bombing, we in Massachusetts prided ourselves as people who showed our best side as we helped the injured, gave blood, comforted those in shock and banded together to show the world that we are Boston Strong.

Burying this guy is not a sign of weakness or compassion or liberal angst; rather burying him is also part of the healing process. So in the dead of night my view is to take Tsarnaev out to some secluded spot, drop him in an unmarked grave and move on to support the living, not allowing ourselves to be consumed with the burial of a dead terrorist.


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