Ten Helpful Hints for Dealing with the Blizzard of 2013

The Great Blizzard of 2013 has started and my wife and I are hunkered down for the duration. Because we have lived through other blizzards in our lifetime, including the grandaddy of all blizzards, the 1978 storm of the century, we feel confident about handing out advice to the uninitiated and the unprepared. So here are ten helpful hints for making it through the Blizzard of 2013

1. Don’t ever start a joint home repair or remodeling project, especially if you are home bound for an extended period of time. In 1978 my wife and I decided to wallpaper the kitchen and we almost ended up in divorce court.

2. On a more positive note, a blizzard often warrants the need to remember the art of cuddling. Once the power goes out and the heater turns off, cuddling is a sure fire way to stay warm and hone your romantic skills .

3. Even though your snow blower is ready to attack the drifts, pay the kid with the plow the $ 20 fee and have him clean out the driveway. Global warming has cut into the winter income of many of these snow jockeys, so your contribution will help the local economy.

4. Don’t go to the the supermarket and stock up on 5 loaves of bread; you’ll never use them and they’ll end up as lunch for the birds and squirrels once the storm is over.

5. Stay away from the television news crews who are forced to report from a five foot snow drift. Everyone knows that the snow if deep and drifting. Your time is better spent watching the soaps or game shows.

6. Wine is the best antidote to the blizzard blues.

7. Drag out those board games and puzzles that are sitting lonely in the attic. If anything they will keep you from going bonkers.

8.  Call your friends in Florida and tell them how beautiful the snow is, a veritable winter wonderland – NOT.

9. If you are really desperate you could begin figuring out your tax bill and hope for a refund.

10.Enjoy the blizzard, since there is nothing you can do about it anyway, except move to Florida where they have hurricanes.

I have to go now, my wife is calling to do some repairs and remodeling.


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