I getting more than a little annoyed at the gun lobby and the gun owners blathering on about how any new gun control legislation will end up as a move by the Obama administration to confiscate their precious weapons. To the guys and gals out their with those Bushmaster automatic weapons, here is some advice – Take a deep breath, calm down, read the mainstream media not Fox, and don’t prepare for the end of time.  Obama is not going to take your guns away.

The gun proposals put forth by the Obama administration say nothing about federal agents breaking down doors in the middle of the night to confiscate guns from lawful citizens. There will be no American equivalent of Hitler’s Third Reich or Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Gun owners will still be able to keep their arsenals and shoot at targets at the gun club on weekends.  They will be able to keep their precious weapons.

Sure the proposals recommend background checks, the end of the gun show exemption, the beefing up of the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Bureau, and stiffer penalties for gun trafficking. Sure there will be a proposed ban on assault weapons and those 100 bullet magazines. All these reasonable restrictions are supported by a significant majority of sane and concerned Americans.  But no where do I see the word confiscation and the end of the 2nd Amendment in the recommendations of Vice President Joe Biden.

All this blather is the result of the National Rifle Association seeing its influence over members of Congress at least brought into question and perhaps diminished. And so when a bully gets cornered and challenged, the bully lashes out with idle threats and half truths.  Sadly, the membership of the NRA believes all this bunk about confiscation and have taken to the Internet to predict a return to the Stalinist era and the need to build those underground bunkers to protect their families from the evil Barack Hussein Obama.

This country has needed a serious debate about gun control for years and the senseless killing of innocent children has finally brought that debate forward. In the end because our system of government is divided and weak, the final piece of legislation will be fairly tame and concentrate primarily on the background checks, not the assault rifles. And even if some sort of ban is passed, gun owners will still be able to keep their arsenals of precious weapons. So gun owners reject the tendency to embrace paranoia and just remember all you doomsdayers, it is far more difficult to purchase a puppy these days then it is to buy a gun.



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