As the new year approaches many of us begin to think about those resolutions that we swear we will uphold. Most of the time the resolutions are about weight loss, ending smoking, eating more nutritious foods, working on long neglected home projects, going to church more regularly, and the king of all resolutions – being nicer to family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.

These are all good and noble resolutions that if kept more than a few days will help us make our own lives healthier and happier. But how about some real challenges for 2013, tough-minded resolutions that go beyond self-improvement and aim toward making a larger contribution to the world beyond our doorstep. Granted starting on a more ambitious path of new year’s resolution takes a bit more fortitude and focus, but change, real change happens when we go outside of ourselves and look toward others.

So for 2013 here are a few resolutions that might make a difference:

Demand that our politicians make this a safe country to live in by taking real steps to end gun violence and the culture of death.

Volunteer in whatever capacity makes you comfortable as long as you are helping others during their time of need.

Get involved in your community by joining a town committee, attending town meetings or simply paying attention to what goes on beyond the street where you live.

Say thank you to the men and women of our armed forces and if they return from war damaged and scarred promise to do something to make their transition to civilian life a little easier.

Take some time away from all the noise around you and reflect on life, love and liberty. Quiet time is the best time.

Remove those ear buds, shut off the IPOD, postpone listening to Pink, Lady Antebellum or Ne-Yo and read a book, any book.

Pray- to God, Allah, Buddha, Mother Nature, the Galactic Force or the Unknown, but talk to a Higher Being who is listening.

Finally, stop complaining about how bad things are in this country and do something about the problem. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

So there you have it, some resolutions that go beyond the norm and admittedly will require a little more time and work.  If our personal life is going to improve, so to must our worldly life. Have a Happy New Year.



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