Alternatives to Falling Off the Fiscal Cliff

If you are sick and tired about all this doom and gloom about the fiscal cliff and the juvenile delinquent behavior of the principals in the deliberations, there are alternatives to this political kabuki dance in Washington. So instead of reading the various Internet sites or watching the news that only can bring on depression – economic and psychological – here are a few bits of advice on how to cure the fiscal cliff blues.

1. You could become obsessed with the Duchess of Cambridge ( that’s Kate) and Prince William as they enter parenthood. You could also play the name game and try and guess the moniker of the third in line for the British throne.

2. You could hone your skills in dancing Gangnam style like the Korean YouTube sensation PSY.

3. You could go to Vegas and lay a bet on when Hillary Clinton will announce her run for the presidency.

4. You could speculate on which Kennedy cousin will be the next conquest of Taylor Swift.

5. You could daydream about the New England Patriots in the Superbowl, against my beloved Green Bay Packers.

6. You could prep for the next season of watching advanced karaoke singers  on American Idol. By the way karaoke translated from the Japanese means ” empty orchestra.”

7. You could watch the entertaining back and forth between Bill O’ Reilly and John Stewart over whether Christmas has been stolen.

8. You could go to Costco and see if you can bump into Mitt Romney shopping for deals.

9. You could read a book, any book.

10. Or you could begin preparations for the end of time as the Mayans predicted.

So, there you have it 10 alternatives to dreading about the fiscal cliff. I hope these help soothe your concerns about the economic future of the world’s greatest economy and the world’s most goofed up political system.


One Response to Alternatives to Falling Off the Fiscal Cliff

  1. M. T. says:

    I was thinking that preparing for the end of time should probably begin with a prayer closely followed by the purchase of two cases of a great craft beer! I’d suggest Victory Golden Monkey. Any other suggestions?

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