Ten Reasons Why I Am Happy It’s November 6th

Today is V Day, as in V for voting. And it is fair to say that this day couldn’t have come any sooner. I have had it with this campaign and hope, one way or another, that there is a resolution tonight of who the next President of the United States will be come January 20th.

To help me clear my mind of all the political “stuff” that has cluttered the lives of Americans for the last two years, here is my top ten list of why I am glad it is November 6th.

1. That little girl in the YouTube video who is crying to her mother and begging her to stop the campaign of Obama and Romney will hopefully get some peace of mind and end her tears.

2. No more lies, half-truths, negative ads and phony promises – at least for a few months.

3. I can get back to watching commercials for denture adhesives, anti-depression drugs and Depends.

4. All Americans won’t have to listen to those annoying four words ”  I approve this message”.

5.Ridiculous campaign spending will end. The national election at all levels cost about $ 6 billion, an investment that I am not sure was a bargain.  It is interesting as a comparison that Halloween costs $ 7 billion. Go figure.

6. Sunday, November 11 is Veterans Day, in my book a more important day.

7.I won’t have to explain to my international students the complexities of our outdated Electoral College system of electing a president. They don’t get it, and frankly neither do I.

8.No more bumper stickers, lawn signs, campaign buttons, silly hats and kissing babies.

9.An end to those dinner time phone calls from some woman who wants me to vote for somebody.

10. A finally, I am glad it is November 6th because we can then face the “fiscal cliff” – the daunting task of dealing with huge budget cuts and tax increases with a lame duck Congress and a divided nation. There’s just no light at the end of the tunnel, in fact the light is freight train headed right toward us.

Well are you happy now?


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