Is the Bureau of Labor Statistics Made up of Kenyans?

I am getting more than a little tired hearing conservatives whine about the leftist conspiracies to keep President Obama in the White House. First it’s his birth certificate, then its the New York Times and Washington Post polls showing him ahead in Ohio and now its the Bureau of Labor Statistics September jobless numbers, which showed a drop of .3% in unemployment. It would seem that there is plenty of evidence available to bring the President down, so why moan and groan about circumstances that have no basis in fact?

What get’s me more than a little concerned is that should Governor Romney take the White House on November 6th, this kind of goofy mindset where there are conspiracies around every corner and under every rock will gain legitimacy. We could become a nation where unfounded rumors or blatant lies about the opposition rule the day and inconvenient truths get thrust aside.

Now just to show you that I am fair and balanced, remember when Hillary Clinton accused her husband’s detractors of a ” right-wing conspiracy.” That statement was also unwarranted since the First Lady didn’t mention any names, but hinted that it was a cabal of millionaires and captains of industry.  That claim had a really short shelf life.

But whether conspiracy theories about American politics are from the left and now from the right, they only further erode the governing “glue” that keeps our democracy from falling apart. If the state of Hawaii produces the long form birth certificate of Barack Obama, end of story; if polling experts with years of experience say that Barack Obama is leading in Ohio, end of story and if the economists – usually a large team with extensive managerial oversight- says that unemployment dropped .3%, end of story. I can assure you that those economists at the Bureau of Labor Statistics were not born in Kenya along with Barack Obama!

Because this election is close, Barack Obama is African-American and he has a middle name of Hussein, the crazies come out of the woodwork and buy into any conspiracy theory that fits their political persuasion or verifies their race-based fears. This is the time during the election season when grown-ups take over and stand up for what is real, what is true, what is logical. This country is in enough trouble, it doesn’t need the distractions of the conspiracy nuts.



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