Remembering to Remember

It’s a beautiful day on the East Coast, much like it was eleven years ago when America was attacked and thousands died. As I look out the window or take a stroll outside I must admit that the beauty of the weather competes with the memory of that awful day.

As the years go by and we get more and more distance from 9/11 human failings kick in and we begin to  forget or get distracted by our current lives. Of course it is essential that we never forget and say a prayer for those who perished on that sun-filled morning.

We may be comforted as a nation that the perpetrators of that infamous attack are either dead or in jail, but those left behind without husbands, fathers, wives, mothers, sons and daughters still bear the emotional scars of loss.

Yes, we should never forget and always remain vigilant, but we should always remember how the evil deeds of evil fanatics affected our relatives, our neighbors, our friends, out fellow Americans. As the years go by and the days remain bright Americans must always remember to remember.


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