I Missed Mitt By a Day

Off to Poland today, the Motherland, that is if you have a name like Kryzanek,which used to be spelled Krzyzaniak until my grandfather thought a simpler spelling would help the family assimilate into American society.

While in the air I guess I will be waving though the window at Mitt Romney, who is wrapping up what can only be described charitably as a disappointing foreign excursion. Mitt not only ticked off the Brits, infuriated the Palestinians, embraced government sponsored health care in Israel and then ended his trip praising incorrectly the Polish private sector economy.

The trouble with Mitt’s praise of the so-called private sector Polish economy is that it is heavily supported by big, big government- national health care, fully supported higher education, massive public works projects and even a $ 300 grant to women who have a child ( more to poor mothers).

Sure there is private enterprise in post-communist Poland, and certainly Poland has one of the more vibrant economies in Europe ( propped up with subsidies from the European Union), but it is a stretch to call Poland’s success the result of unfettered capitalism; if anything Poland is an example of public-private-trade bloc economic development.

I have a feeling that Mitt is glad to be home in the USA where he doesn’t have to be exposed to how well some of our competitors and allies are doing by viewing government as a valuable tool in moving their countries toward economic prosperity and social fairness. Mitt can be comforted by the conservative base, which chooses to ignore how the rest of the world works.


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