1Million Condoms

The London Olympics are a grand international spectacle that brings together the world’s best athletes for two weeks of competition. The Olympics are filled with pageantry, drama and in many cases super human feats of strength and agility.

The Olympics are also billed as a global venue designed to build friendships and a spirit of sportsmanship. As it is often said by the Olympic Committee, this two week extravaganza is what the world could be like if people put their differences aside and came together as one.

But this spirit of cooperative may have gone a bit too far this year as the Olympic Committee felt it necessary to purchase 1 million condoms for use by the athletes, yes you read this right 1 million condoms. That works out to about 15 condoms per athlete. Now, of course if you do the math, it is obvious that the Olympic Committee  has decided to hold in reserve a huge supply of condoms. Perhaps they are thinking that there will be lost condoms, souvenir condoms, black market sale of condoms,  or gift condoms to friends and hangers on of the athletes.

I guess you could say that this purchase of 1 million condoms is a logical extension of  the emphasis on a spirit of cooperation at the Olympics or more likely a realization that there will be a lot of horny athletes with plenty to time on their hands. It is important to point out that at the last Olympics in Beijing the Committee only felt the need to purchase 750,000 condoms, which either means that the potential for sexual activity has gone up in four years or the mood in Communist China was such that the athletes were not interested in getting it on with other athletes.  No officials have gone on the record explaining the huge increase in condom purchases.

If sexual activity is indeed one way to achieve  international friendship and cooperation, then our diplomats and political leaders have been using the wrong strategies and techniques to resolve disputes. Perhaps what needs to happen is to replace guns with condoms. As was said often in the wacko days of the 70s – Make Love Not War.


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