To Be Young Again

I must apologize for what follows, but I can’t help myself. I have to talk about the Bob Kraft screen test video with his new “main squeeze”, quasi actress, Ricki Lander. Now we all know that Myra Kraft has passed and is certainly enjoying the rewards of her good works in the afterlife. Bob, unfortunately, is experiencing what a few elderly billionaires face when their life takes a sad turn – they try to regain their youth and in the process make fools of themselves.

Bob of course is no fool when it comes to business and picking winners, but his post-Myra life will likely end up on Letterman’s top ten list and certainly fodder for the folks at TMZ. The now viral video might even have some impact on his perceived business acumen, as these romps around Hollywood with a D list starlet call into question his judgment.

At Kraft’s age – 71 – there is so much more to do with life than hunt for bimbos.  How about going fishing with the grand kids, developing a deeper relationship with his sons, continue on with the good works of his wife, maybe even have a quiet dinner with a mature female business executive, or just immerse himself in his business.

My question about the Kraft-Lander romp is what does a highly educated, business savvy, community leader talk about with a 31 year old would be actress, whose claim to fame is a bit part on Ugly Betty? There just has to be loads and loads of dead air time.Worse yet, just about every movie critic who has seen the screen test agrees that Ricki is a long way from an Oscar and Bob’s delivery to be charitable is as flat as the playing field at Gillette.

Of course none of this is my business and maybe I’m secretly jealous of Bob. But as someone who is in the Social Security generation, my advice to Bob is ” Get a Life.”


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