Folding Laundry

If you haven’t seen the latest Scott Brown commercials you are in for a bizarre treat. Two commercials present our junior senator as a stay at home dad who took care of the kids while his news reporter wife went out and covered snow storms. They show Brown as a loving dad who dotes on his two daughters, does chores like folding the wash and most of all adores his wife. Nothing wrong with that.

Then there’s the kiss. At the end of one of the commercials Brown approaches his wife Gail Huff and we see her lean back as our senator gives her a loving kiss. What this has to do with national politics, public policy and representing the people of Massachusetts I have no idea.

I sat through the commercials with my mouth open trying to comprehend what I had just seen. What was Brown and his handlers thinking when they put these two puff pieces together? Do we want a Senator in Washington who knows how to fold wash? Do we want a Senator who is a good kisser? I DON’T THINK SO.

I presume that the commercials are designed to attract the women’s vote by showing Scott as a regular guy who unlike his opponent, Elizabeth Warren, a professional woman from Harvard, puts his family and his marriage above all else.

I may be wrong and completely out of touch with female voters in Massachusetts but the women I talk to are are offended by the commercials and see them as pure and simple political vanilla.

This nation is in deep trouble and what we get from Senator Brown is laundry duty and kisses on the couch.  We voters deserve better, but the commercials keep running so somebody in the campaign inner circle is convinced that these homespun vignettes will work to turn female voters on to Scott.

Maybe Scott should have added a third commercial in which he re-enacts his half-naked pose on a mink rug to show his manliness as he did during his college years.

I know that the voters in this state are smart and demanding of their politicians and these corny commercials only degrade the political process.  That’s if for today’s blog, I have to fold the laundry.




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