My Good Friend Charlie

In the vast universe of time and space, we humans are on this earth for a short period of time. My good friend Charlie Angell was here for but 70 years. He died today and the world will surely miss a fine man, a caring husband, father and grandfather, an excellent teacher, a renaissance man.

When you are friends with someone for over thirty years and have lunch with him three or four times a week, a special bond is created and memories are boundless. Charlie could be counted on to offer a brilliant turn of a word or phrase that had people in stitches. Charlie had a heart of gold as he often took students to the opera or a play or a lecture to introduce them to the life of the mind. Charlie was always there for people, whether it was helping me paint my house, baking bread for his friends or mentoring his faculty colleagues.

A university is only as good as the people who stand in front of a class of young people and open their minds to the world. Charlie was one of those English professors who made students think, not only about the poem or short story that was an assignment, but about the larger meaning of the work; how the assignment defined their lives or made the world more understandable. Such skill is in short supply. Charlie had a huge supply of teaching and thinking skill.

Bridgewater State University lost a giant today, a teaching giant, a man of integrity, humor, and enormous generosity. When someone passes from this earth, the living have only memories. In this case I have hundreds of memories, all of them good, all of them a treasure.

Good bye my friend and thanks for all you did for us here in our little part of the universe.



One Response to My Good Friend Charlie

  1. Dotty (Tisevich) Foellmer says:

    What a wonderful tribute. I didn’t have the privilege of taking one of his classes but his reputation even back then (mid 1970s) was firmly established.

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