Forward or Backward?

Forward!!! It sounds like a mmilitary command from an old John Wayne movie or perhaps something that General Custer might have said before his troops were surround and killed by Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull at Little Big Horn.

But no, Forward is the new campaign slogan of Barack Obama. No more Hope and Change, no more promises of moving away from the toxic culture of Washington politics; just a simple charge to move the country, I presume, in the right direction.

Forward is a nice slogan, except the Republicans and indeed the American voters will likely want to know what direction the President is going to take the country – Forward to what? And what if Forward actually turns out to be Backward?

I am sure that candidate Barack Obama wants a second term so that he can finish the economic recovery and address many of the priorities that he has set forth in education, infrastructure, public investment, tax equity and entitlement reforms. The Republicans and I am sure Mitt Romney see their interpretation of Forward as tax cuts, budget cuts, business deregulation and a strong defense and international posture.

Slogans are only words and are designed to keep a perception in the minds of the voters about the candidate. But from FDR’s ” We have nothing to fear but fear itself” and Ronald Reagan’s ” City on a Hill” we have now come to a one word vision of the future – Forward. The Obama campaign obbviously feels that using Forward as a slogan will show that the President is moving the country in the right direction and that momentum is critical to a recovery.

If you are an Obama fan you pray that Foward does not come back to haunt the President as Hope and Change did or worse that Forward actually will result in its opposite –  Backward.


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