Pet Peeves

It’s that time of year again when I vent and list my pet peeves -those behaviors and practices of people that just drive me crazy. Of course I have no ability to control or change these behaviors or practices,except to complain. So here goes:

Again at the top of my list are Massachusetts drivers, especially those who enter an intersection at 50 miles an hour and then at the last possible second step on the brake and come to a screeching halt. I, of course, think that they are headed into the intersection and destined to destroy my care and me, but no they rather scare the living daylights out of me. And then when I beep my horn, they look at me with disgust. These bozos must have graduated from the driving school associated with NASCAR.

Secondly on my list are those people who talk to you endlessly about their life, their kids, their dreams, and then there is complete silence as you wait for them to ask about your life,kids,and dreams. After a few awkward moments of no reciprocal response they usually turn away and spread their personal, ego-driven joy to another unsuspecting person. Whatever happened to the courtesy of following up personal information with a complimentary show of interest in the lives of other people?

Then there are the angry white guys. Too often what you hear today are these guys moaning about something that bothers them, usually Democratic politicians, school teachers, town administrators and cops eating donuts; in short anyone who is a public servant. Maybe these guys are angry because of pressures at work or potential job loss, but the last time I looked the problems we face in this country were made by bankers, hedge fund managers,corporate welfare kings, and pampered millionaires. Where’s the anger toward these white guys?

I have to include hypocrites in this year’s pet peeve list. These are the people, too often high falutin’ religious types who hold up the Bible as the unimpeachable word of God  and then spend most of their time violating those words, especially the Ten Commandments. After these born againers break a good number of the 10 Commandments, they have the nerve to say that God has forgiven them. What baloney. How do they know that God has forgiven them?

24/7 cable news and talk radio ends my rant. It is usually impossible to really learn much from watching cable news shows and listening to talk radio. Remember this is entertainment with advertising in the guise of information and analysis. What in fact these shows do is provide viewers and listeners with half-truths, glossy and incomplete overviews of the news, blowhard commentary and scandal-mongering. Whatever happened to real journalism?

Well there it is. I’m glad I got that off my chest. It will do no good, except to make me feel better.


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