The Enemies List

Back in the 1970s President Richard Nixon had his enemies list, a compilation of those Americans, liberals by nature, who he felt were ruining his presidency. This is the year 2011 and I have my own enemies list – people and institutions who I believe are ruining this country. So here are my enemies and the reasons why they have made this infamous compilation.

1. Politicians – from both parties- who put partisasn ideology and electability above the national good.

2. Big banks and bankers – they got bailed out but do the bare minimum to help small businesses or homeowners.

3. Hedge fund managers, derivative speculators and bond swap gurus who make the stongest case for regulation and in far too many cases incarceration.

4. Wasteful bureaucrats who don’t realize that they are working with our money.

5. Congress – need I say more. These guys and gals are the biggest impediment to national rejuvenation.

6. The Super Rich who clearly are not paying their fair share in taxes. Just because you have a lot of money and pay a lot of money in taxes doesn’t mean you are paying your fair share when compared to average Americans.

7. Corporate welfare kings and queens who love government only when they get a subsidy or tax break, occurences that happen all too frequently.

8. Presidential candidates – both parties – who really have no clue on how to create jobs and bring down unemployment.

9. The PIGS – Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain because they have expanded and extended the great recession by overspending and incompetent management.

10 US – better known as you and me, because we have been unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices to get this nation, our nation, back on track.

I feel a little bit better getting this off my chest and placing blame on the enemy, except that I am also on the list.  As the comic book character Pogo said,” I have seen the enemy and it is us.”


One Response to The Enemies List

  1. Brian Roman says:

    I like the list, good stuff Dr. Kryzanek. In all honesty and seriousness, no agenda intended, what do you consider a fair share for the wealthy? I have been asking people and I haven’t gotten a number of any sort. In fact, you go a lot farther than most and actually say they pay a lot of money in taxes currently. But I was just curious what your thoughts were on that? Hope all is well.

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