No Big Deal

My wife and I attended our first gay marriage ceremony yesterday. Two beautiful young professional women exchanged vows on a glorious day on Cape Cod.

It is no secret that gay marriage is a controversial “hot button” issue in this country and that Massachchusetts is only one of six states and the District of Columbia that provides a marriage license to gay people seeking to legally validate their love.

But for those opponents of gay marriage let me provide you with some insight of the day. First of all the sky didn’t open up with thunderbolts raining down showing the displeasure of our Creator. Also western civilization did not decline one iota as two women said “I do.”  And finally the people in attendance were not morally corrupt liberals but rather bankers, lawyers, doctors, and businesspeople, all smiling and showing their support with the family as the ceremony ended.

You couldn’t find a more normal wedding gathering of family and friends at this gay marriage celebration. It was singularly American. There might have been a few folks in attendance who had reservations about this marriage, but there was no sign of displeasure or damnation, just happiness for the new couple.

What was present at this gay marriage ceremony was a clear statement from all that this marriage was ultimately a private matter between two consenting adults. They are in love, they are happy and they are gay.

Thankfully, Massachusetts recognizes that the most important part of social policy in this country is not to get involved in people’s personal life and more importantly to allow them to be viewed like every other citizen with the same rights and privileges.

I can’t tell you what a wonderful time we had at the wedding and how gracious and thankful these two beautiful women were for the support they received. The opponents of gay marriage should just get over their intolerance and ignorance and embrace the fact that gay people must be treated as American citizens and not as a sub-class.

Allowing gays to marry is simply the right thing to do.

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