What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Vacationing on Cape Cod has become a family tradition and this year was no different as children and grandchildren came to our rented beach house to enjoy sea and sand, and of course grandma and grandpa picking up the tab. It was a glorious time.

But since one of my pastimes is people watching and trying to make some sense out of what I am watching, I did take a few notes about what passed in front of me as I lounged near the water’s edge or strolled into town to of course eat, drink and buy stuff.

So in no order of importance here are my 2011 Cape Cod observations:

Best T- Shirt –  ” Eat the Rich” – Obviously worn by a disgruntled liberal

Worst T-Shirt – Anything with a Yankee logo on it.

T-Shirts that make you angry – All the ones I came across were made in Pakistan – we buy them, but they hate us.

Best Ice Cream – Emack and Bolio’s in Chatham

Best Beer – Cape Cod Red

Weird Head-Scratching Contradiction- Multi-millionaires walking their labradoodle dogs with leash in one hand and a bag of poop in the other – you draw the conclusion.

Best Beach – Lighthouse Beach in Chatham – seals frolicking in the crystal clear water.

Best Rainy Day Tour – Cape Cod Potato Chip factory in Hyannis – free samples

Best Sea Food – The Lobster Claw in Orleans

Best Sticky Buns – Marion’s on the Harwich-Chatham line

Best Experience – Walking with granddaughter Grace looking for hermit crabs

Best Experience # 2 – Watching grandson Noah playing in the sand

Worst Experience – Having to pack up and get back to work

Sadly, Summer is just about over, but our Cape experience as a family will live forever as beautiful memories.


One Response to What I Did On My Summer Vacation

  1. Uncle Milton says:

    Pictures please!

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